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Celebrate Music


Rolando Becerra has spent his life in music. From an early age music played an essential role providing him with both excitement and escape, with inspiration and release. His mother was his first musical inspiration singing to him and he fondly recalls memories of sitting at her feet while she played songs from the Great American Songbook as well as traditional Cuban folk songs. As he grew and matured he became influenced by both his evolving tastes in music from across Latin America as well the great songs of the United States and the British Invasion and pursued the dream of continuing to bring music to people lives. His youth was spent singing in some of Miami, Florida’s most famous cabarets and night clubs as well as in Panama and Puerto Rico alongside some of the most talented musicians and performers of his generation. 

As his career as a dynamic and influential on-air broadcast journalist flourished, he never let go of his desire to bring music to the masses sharing the stage with such luminaries and icons as Enrique Guzman and Julio Iglesias. Eventually, this passion and commitment to music and performance gave birth to Celebrate Music: The Rolando Becerra Show.  
Celebrate Music is a dynamic, family-oriented musical review show that guides audiences on a musical journey through time and across the Americas. Paying tribute to great songwriters and performers from the United States and Lain America, Celebrate Music combines both Spanish and English songs from some of the world’s most incredible artists ever. At any given moment audiences could be treated to a medley of great Frank Sinatra classics, unforgettable songs by Elvis Presley or excerpts from the Great American Songbook. 
Adding to the unique experience, audiences are also treated to renditions of songs by the legendary composer Augustin Lara, the innovative and multi-talented songwriter, composer and singer Armando Manzanero, Marco Antonio Muniz the greatest “crooner” to ever perform in all of Latin America and classic songs by the tragically overlooked composer Titi Soto.
Celebrate combines equal parts Rolando’s powerful singing, comedy and unforgettable anecdotes he’s collected over his dynamic career in Texas as a performer, journalist, radio broadcaster and public figure. 
Joining him in the show is a collection of some of the most talented and versatile musicians ever to grace a stage performing multiple instruments and styles with storied careers spanning decades entertaining audiences around the world. Included in this unique menagerie of talent are his two sons, Jason R. Becerra and Jaron Becerra. Both have been performing behind their father since 2005 when Celebrate Music was born out of Rolando’s desire to return to the stage and share his love for music and performance with his sons, both of whom grew up surrounded by music and had developed their own musical passions; Jason as a singer/songwriter and guitarist and Jaron a product of Sam Houston State University’s music program with a concentration in drums and percussion.
Come Celebrate Music with Rolando Becerra at a venue near you or bring the Celebration to your venue for your special event!